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Praying for God’s Word to be in me

Oh, LORD, prepare me
to keep Your Word,
so I won’t be ashamed
when I look at my life
in light of Your commands.

Sincerely, I will praise You
as I learn more of Your
righteous rules.

Don’t ever leave me, LORD,
for I want to obey You,
but, oh! How can anyone
keep Your ways – purely
without fault – except
by discerning Your Word?

With all my heart, I seek You!
Don’t let me stray away!

Deep inside me,
I will hide Your words,
so I’ll know what to do.

Blessed LORD, teach me!
You Are To Be praised
and blessed.

Psalm 119:5-12

© 2014, Mary Harwell Sayler prayer-a-phrased this poem from today’s Bible Reading in Psalm 119, drawing from several of the many translations on Bible Gateway.