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Agreeing to Agree in Prayer

People come from every background and culture, but in the Name of Jesus, we find common ground - common unity, community.   If we actually listen to one another, we’re apt to discover we usually share basic beliefs in God the Father our creator, the Son of God Jesus Christ our Savior, and the indwelling Holy Spirit our empowerment and guide. And, if we really listen to people with opposing views, we’re apt to realize we usually want and need the same things: Family, friends, safety, shelter, water, food, housing, work, adequate income, respect, forgiveness, love, joy, peace, healing, faith in something or someone bigger than ourselves. Disunity arises, however, as our priorities change. What we need most today might not be what we most needed last year. Meanwhile, “They” have varying needs and priorities too, so with almost eight billion people on earth, how can “they” and “we” ever match up – need for need, priority for priority? We can’t! Nor do we need to think or be exactly

One Lord, One Praise, One Power

May our God, Who encourages us and empowers us to endure, help you to hold yourselves in harmony with one another and with Christ Jesus, so that you may praise and glorify the God and Father of our Lord, Jesus Christ, with one voice - always on-key. Mary Harwell Sayler , ©2018, prayer-a-phrased Romans 15:5-6 after referring to these and other translations on Bible Gateway . …