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Thanksgiving prayer of thanks to God

One of the psalms for today's reading provides an ongoing prayer of thanks, especially timely during the coming week of Thanksgiving. As you continue to pray this Bible prayer from Psalm 136, substitute one of the following synonyms for “endure” with each new reading, now and throughout the year: Withstands Bears Tolerates Sustains Suffers Continues Persists Stays Goes on and on and on! Psalm 136 poem paraphrase by Mary Harwell Sayler Thank You! Thank You, LORD, for You are good. Your mercy *endures forever. Thank You! Thank You, God of gods. Your mercy *endures forever. Thank You! Thank You, Lord of lords. Your mercy *endures forever. Oh, the great wonders You do for Your mercy *endures forever! By Your wisdom You made the heavens, and Your mercy *endures forever. You spread earth upon the waters. You spread light and more light – in the day sun, night stars and moon, for Your mercy *endures forever. You rescued Your people in the Bible, and