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Praying the Beatitudes

Matthew 5:1-12

When Jesus saw the crowds, He went up the mountain, sat down, and called His disciples to come close. He then taught them (and us!) the attitudes to aim for, pray for, and keep with confidence in His Name:

God bless you
who are humble in spirit
for the Kingdom of Heaven is yours.

God bless you who mourn
for God Himself will comfort you.

God bless you who are gentle
for you will inherit the earth!

God bless you who are hungry
and thirsty for all that is right
for you will be satisfied.

God bless you who are merciful.
God will show mercy to you.

God bless you who have pure hearts
and pure motives
for you shall see God clearly.

God bless you, Peacemakers!
You shall be called children of God.

God bless you who are persecuted
for following God’s will.
The Kingdom of Heaven belongs to you.

God bless you who are insulted,
mistreated, and abused because
of your faith in Christ. Rejoice!
Be glad! What a huge reward
will greet you in Heaven
in the company of the prophets
who wer…