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Praying with the Names of God

When this blog began three years ago, one of the first articles, “ Names of God” talked about knowing Who God is and to Whom we pray. That list of “names” or aspects of God goes on and on as Ava Pennington most likely discovered when she researched and wrote Daily Reflections on the Names of God , published by Revell. Why does this matter? As the Introduction states: “Every name of God revealed in the Bible shows us something about His character and His ways.” And “With each new revelation, it’s as if God whispers to us, ‘Come closer, My child. I have something new I want to tell you about me.’ The more we learn, the easier it is to trust Him and rely on Him.” Most people have their own ideas of Who God is, but Ava’s book lets us know Who God says God is – names that, with meditation, draw us to look upward, inward, or outside ourselves. For instance, the first devotional considers the name “Glory” and asks “Are You Ready?” as we look up to this aspect of God. The second devoti

Praying in Jesus’ Name

And Jesus taught His followers, saying: I Am the vine, you the branches. As you abide in Me and I reside in you, your life becomes fruitful. Without Me, this will not happen! Instead you will be cast away like yard clippings that either wither or fuel only a fire. Abide in Me! Live in Me, and My words will live in you. Then you will draw on My words to ask whatever you need, and it shall happen! Your fruitful lives will glorify My Father Who grafts you into Me as My disciples. God the Father loves Me, and in the same Way of Love, I love you. Live in that love, and whatever you ask of love in My Name, God the Father will give. Prayer-a-phrase of John 15:5-10, 16, © 2013, Mary Sayler ``