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Jesus cleanses the spirit

Foreground: Remember the Gospel story where Jesus cleanses the Temple? In Matthew 21, Mark 11, and Luke 19, Jesus overturns tables, drives out money changers, and clears the walkway through an overly crowded area, so people could get back to worship. Earlier than this, Jesus cleansed a synagogue. Although Mark sets that first chapter episode in Capernaum, it’s quite possible something similar occurred in synagogues throughout the region. Regardless of where or how often this happened, these spiritual cleansings consistently cleansed and cleared away the unclean, for no spirit in heaven or on earth can outrank, overcome, or overpower the Holy Spirit of God, given to us in Christ. God gave us free will to choose life or death, love or hate, care or apathy, good or evil, clean or unclean, but spirits have no choices or decisions to make. They must obey God in the power and authority of Jesus’ Name. In Capernaum the Sabbath came, and Jesus entered the synagogue, astounding every