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Praying the Lord’s Prayer for the Nations

Our Father Who Is in Heaven , Most Blessed and Sacred is Your Name. May Your Kingdom come to the United States and all continents – to reign over us with justice, mercy, and love, and may Your Will prevail on earth as it does in Heaven. Lord, give us this day the sustenance we need for mental, physical, and spiritual well-being, but also for our social and emotional health. Forgive us for getting out of bounds! And thank You for giving us what we need to forgive each person – past or present and each group – past or present, who has ever intruded against us. Lead us not into temptation to do wrong or cause harm or give in to fears and disbelief, but deliver us from evil, apathy, and cruelties of all kinds. For Yours is the Kingdom we want! Yours is the power we need. Yours is the glory we worship and adore in the Name of Christ Jesus our Lord. prayer-a-phrase by Mary Harwell Sayler , © 2015 …