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When praise is a sacrifice

Hebrews 13:15 speaks of a “sacrifice of praise,” and on this sad day following the tragic shooting at an elementary school in Connecticut, the phrase seems especially significant as does this Psalm of faith in the readings for today. Psalm 30 O LORD, I lift Your Name in praise as You have lifted me away from those intent on hurting. O LORD our God, I cry to You: Restore my well-being! I feel as though I’m dead today, but LORD, You will restore my life from this lifelessness. Let’s sing to the LORD, every one of us who is His servant. Let’s give thanks for the holiness of God. Even when anger flashes all around, God loves each child beyond each lifetime. Yes, we have spent the night weeping, but in the morning, joy just might be found. Once I thought nothing could ever hurt me again. I said, "I won’t be disturbed. God favors me with the strength of a mountain.” But then You hid Your face! And fear filled me. I cried out to you, O LORD, and said,