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Whole body clothed in praise

Seeking the prayers of the Bible in the Daily Bible Readings often brings days of interesting stories, proverbs, parables, or prophecies, but not necessarily prayer. Today, however, choices arose in the passage from Isaiah below and the Gospel reading from Luke 1:46-55, also known as The Magnificat. Since “ The song of Mary, Mother of Jesus ” had previously been prayer-a-phrased here, I encourage you to visit that post, too, to see and hear how beautifully Mary embodied this prayer-life of praise from the Prophets. Greatly will I rejoice in the LORD! My whole being shall exult in my God, Who clothes me with garments of salvation. God has robed me in righteousness – the way a bridegroom wears a garland or jewels adorn a bride. The whole earth brings forth beauty like a spring garden with shoots growing from what’s sown. So the Lord God has sown us with righteousness and praise ready to spring into flower and clothe the nations. ©2013, Mary Harwell Sayler , prayer-a-