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Jesus’ parable on prayer attitudes

Jesus told this parable to show how some people trust their own goodness rather than God from Whom all goodness comes: And Jesus said: Two guys went up to the Temple to pray. One collected and kept all the rules of the law. The other collected taxes. So the Rule-Keeper stood by himself and said: “Thank God, I’m not like the other people in this place! Thank God, I’m not a thief or a scoundrel, and I don’t cheat on my wife. And, oh, thank goodness, I’m not a tax collector like that guy over there! Twice a week, I fast, and I tithe ten-percent of every last penny. Meanwhile, in the back of the Temple, the tax collector stood away from everyone else. Beating his chest, he said: “Oh, God, have mercy on me, a sinner!” And Jesus said: I tell you, that child of God went home justified. For who can be made right with God while lifting themselves above God? But God will exalt anyone who comes humbly in prayer. Prayer: Dear LORD God, we praise and worship and exalt