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Praying for God’s Word to be in me

Oh, LORD, prepare me to keep Your Word, so I won’t be ashamed when I look at my life in light of Your commands. Sincerely, I will praise You as I learn more of Your righteous rules. Don’t ever leave me, LORD, for I want to obey You, but, oh! How can anyone keep Your ways – purely without fault – except by discerning Your Word? With all my heart, I seek You! Don’t let me stray away! Deep inside me, I will hide Your words, so I’ll know what to do. Blessed LORD, teach me! You Are To Be praised and blessed. Psalm 119:5-12 © 2014, Mary Harwell Sayler prayer-a-phrased this poem from today’s Bible Reading in Psalm 119, drawing from several of the many translations on Bible Gateway. ...

Moses: Bible Model for talking with God

As Christians and Jews enter Holy Week leading to Passover and Easter, the conversations between God and Moses in Exodus give us some of our best and blessed examples of Bible prayers – especially conversational prayer. In Exodus 3, God initiates prayer-talks that continue throughout this second book of the Torah. Instead of posting those pages, I’ll summarize highlights found in chapters 3 and 4 but encourage you to read all of Exodus this week to see what you notice too: Exodus 3: • God gets Moses attention with a Burning Bush. • Moses takes the time to stop and see what's happening. • God calls Moses by name. • Moses immediately responds. • God establishes a relationship with Moses by identifying with his forefathers Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. • Moses expresses fear. • God immediately lets Moses know that the LORD is aware of the suffering of the Hebrew people and has called Moses to lead them. • Moses does not ask who God is, but asks, “Who am I to lead?” (Exodus 3