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Praying with the enemy

Background: In the heart of Palestine, in between Nazareth and Jerusalem, in between the Jordan River and the Mediterranean Sea, and somewhere in between Judaism and paganism, lay Samaria - the grape-growing hill country where few Jews would set a sandal and where grudges grew old and deep. After the death of King Solomon, the people of God split into two kingdoms, North and South. In the Southern Kingdom, Jerusalem remained the capital, while Samaria eventually capped the Northern Kingdom. Each of the feuding families had their own kings, too, with good and bad rulers occasionally arising on either side. First and Second Kings and First and Second Chronicles tell of such matters – and such people as the Samaritan King Ahab, who actually lived in an ivory palace with his wife Jezebel – the wicked woman who killed God’s prophets and scared Elijah so much, he ran for his life! Many years later, the Assyrians waged a three-year war until winning over Samaria in 722 B.C. The triumph