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Praying with Psalm 4

Answer us when we call, O God of our salvation! Free us from these pressures and distress! Show us mercy. Hear our prayer. People! People! How long will our hearts be hard? How long will we love what is worthless or chase after lies? Know this: the Lord takes care of the faithful. The Lord God hears our cries. We can be angry without sinning. We can take a rest and really think about what’s troubling us. We can do what’s right – even when it’s hard -- and place ourselves in God’s hands. Many say, “I want to see better times. I want the light of God’s face to shine.” But God has filled us with more gladness than we’ll ever get from food and wine. When we lie down, we can sleep peacefully, for You alone, O God help us to rest in safety. prayer-a-phrased by Mary Harwell Sayler , ©2016, with scriptures from many translations on Bible Gateway …