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Hannah praises God

Background: Every year Elkanah and his whole family took a sacrifice to the Temple and paid their vows and offerings to God, but after Samuel ‘s birth, Hannah didn’t go. Instead she promised her husband that, as soon as she had weaned the child, she would take him into God’s presence, leaving him in the Temple to pay her vow and offer him back to God forever. When that time came, Hannah did just as she'd said. Filling a wineskin with wine and taking grain for bread, she brought her son to Eli the priest, reminding him how she had prayed for this child and God heard. Then Hannah left her child with Eli. She left him in the house of the LORD. As promised, she gave her son to God forever. She gave him as a present in the presence of the LORD. And Hannah praised God and prayed, “My heart lifts up the LORD for the LORD has lifted me. I could speak ill of my enemies, but I give word to the joy of God’s salvation. No one is holy but the LORD. No one is sure and steady

Hannah makes a vow to God

Background: In a time when people measured a woman’s worth by her ability to have children, Hannah had none. She wanted children too, but to make matters worse, Peninnah – her husband’s other wife – taunted Hannah, mocked Hannah, and incessantly bragged about own her sons and daughters. As the years when by, husband Elkanah tried to make Hannah feel more loved by giving her twice as much as he gave the irritating other wife, but Hannah remained childless and sad. After a while, the sadness deepened until she could not stop crying. So Elkanah asked, “Why do you keep crying, Hannah? Why do you not even eat? Why are you sad all the time? Don’t I mean more to you than ten sons?” Maybe he would have if she were his only wife! But Hannah’s grief became so strong, she went into the temple and burst into tears. Bitterly she wept. Distraught she prayed. She pleaded to the LORD and made a vow: "O LORD of hosts, please look on the misery of Your servant, and remember me! If Y