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God is asking for you

and me and them…. And God said: I was ready to be wanted by those who did not ask for Me, to be found by those who did not look for Me. I said, "Here I Am! Here I Am," to a people who did not call on My name. © 2013, Mary Sayler , prayer-a-phrase Isaiah 65:1 ~~

God prays for us and our prayers

“The Lord invites us: “Sing with joy for the peoples of Jacob. Be a cheerleader for your nation! “Raise your voice with praise and call: ‘The Lord has saved the people of God, those in Israel.’ “For I will bring back My people from the north and gather them from everywhere on earth. “The blind and disabled, expectant women and those in labor. A great crowd will return. “With joyful tears they will come, and as they pray, I will bring them back. “I will lead them by quiet streams and along smooth paths where they will not stumble. “I will be your Father, O My people, and Israel will be my oldest child,” Jeremiah 31:7-9. Question: In what ways do the prayers in the books of the prophets show God’s prayers for us and the Family of God? Personal Prayer: Dear Lord, we praise and thank You for Your faithfulness as the One True Holy and Perfect Father Who does not give up on His children! Thank You, Father, for bringing u