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Calling on the Name of the Lord

“Adam and his wife had another son, whom they named him Seth (i.e., given) because, as they said, `God has given us a son to take the place of Abel, whom his brother Cain has killed.’ Then, when Seth had a son, he named him Enosh. And at that time people began to call on the Name of the LORD,” Genesis 4:25-26. After the Fall of mankind in the Garden of Eden… After disobedience, blame, and denial ruined a perfect world… After the first jealous rage led to murder… After one brother killed another… After a new start and a new family began in the God-given son of Seth... People began to call on the Name of the Lord. Question: Do I sometimes take a while to call on God? Why? Prayer: Dear LORD God, Who Gives and Restores, help me to call on You before I fall. If I forget, please remind me. Help me to stay attuned to You and readily hear and respond as You call my name. ~~ © 2012, Mary Sayler , all rights reserved.