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Praying far from home

Background: From Jerusalem the Prophet Jeremiah sent a letter to the exiles in Babylon, giving them the encouraging word of God he had received to guide them during this hard time away from home: Build houses! Live in them. Plant gardens, and enjoy the produce. Get married. Have sons and daughters. Guide your grown children in marriage, so they may have sons and daughters too. Plant yourselves, and be productive. But seek the welfare of the city where God has sent you. Pray to the LORD on its behalf for in its well-being you will find all goes well with you. Do not let anyone tell you differently! Do not let anyone deceive you or entrap you with false dreams for God has given you this word: When your exile has ended, I, the LORD will visit you and bring you home as promised. I, only I, know My plans for your welfare and not your harm. I, only I, will give you a future with real hope. Then you will call on Me. Then you will come to Me and pray to Me, and