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Praying through the ashes

A Bible prayer for Ash Wednesday to begin the church season of Lent Psalm 51:1-10 Be merciful to me, O God! In the greatness of Your mercy, wipe out my sins and wipe away the stains. I’m aware of my faults, and my rebellions against You haunts me! Against You – and You alone have I sinned. I’ve done wrong by You! So You’d be right to judge me. And You have every right to condemn me. I’ve gotten myself into trouble since birth. I’ve been inclined to be selfish ever since my conception! But You want me to get real. You desire me to look inward – with sincerity and truth – and find Your wisdom waiting for me there. Purge my sins, and I will be clean. Cleanse me, and I will be as fresh as new snow. Help me to hear the sounds of joy and gladness. Help me to be aware that my brokenness is healed. Hide my sins from Your face, and blot out all ill will in me. Create in me a pure heart, O God, and renew Your Spirit within me. © 2015, Mary Ha

Ash Wednesday: piety, priorities, and prayer

As Jesus taught His disciples, then and now: Be careful not to get showy with your good deeds to gain anyone’s admiration. That brings its own little reward from others but not from your Father in Heaven. Instead give to those in need without even letting yourself know how important you are! Yet, as you give, your Father will see and know and reward you. And when you pray, don’t be like those hypocrites who want approval so much they blow their own horn wherever they can be seen or heard, not knowing that’s their only reward. Instead when you pray, go away by yourself and close off everything else as you talk to your Father, Who you cannot see, but Who sees and rewards you as you pray – even when you’re hidden away. © 2013, Mary Harwell Sayler , prayer-a-phrase poem to begin Lent from today's Gospel reading, Matthew 6:1-6 ~~