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Give thanks for God’s gifts!

  Matthew 7:11 – Jesus promised, “If you imperfect people know how to give good gifts to your children, don’t you think your Father in heaven will give good gifts to those who ask?”   Lord, if we’ve ever thought of You as anything but loving, fair, merciful, and kind, we don’t know You very well! Forgive us, Heavenly Father, for thinking the worst of You when, like demanding children, we don’t get what we want when we want it!   Praise You, Heavenly Father, for being The One pure, holy, and true parent on Whom we depend.   Even if we complain, we thank You, Lord, for not rewarding bad behavior. Thank You for giving Your “Amen!” to every prayer we pray that’s based on Your promises, Your word. Praise You for giving us Your Holy Spirit if we just ask. Fill us with You, Lord. Keep us filled.   Mary Harwell Sayler, ©2020, from Kneeling on the Promises of God – a book of Bible promises researched on Bible Gateway then paraphrased with relevant prayers following. If the bo

Talking with God

  Psalm 144 – a prayer of David   How blessed You are, my Lord, my Rock, for You prepare me for every conflict and strengthen me to take on whatever comes.   You are my fortress – loving and kind, my stronghold and my deliverer, my shield, and the One in Whom I take refuge as You subdue everyone who’s against me.   O, Lord, who are we that You take note of us?   What is humankind that You give us any thought?   We’re like a mere breath with our days like a passing shadow.   Come down from Your heavens, O Lord. Touch the mountains. Flash forth lightning.   Scatter Your enemies. Send out arrows and confuse them.   Stretch forth Your hand from on high.   Rescue me! Deliver me from deep waters, from the hands of deceitful people. I don’t know them or why they do what they do!   To You, I’ll sing a new song, O God.   With stringed instruments, I’ll sing praises to You – Savior of leaders, Rescuer of Your servants. Res

Pray for our leaders

1 Timothy 2:1-4 – “Make prayers, requests, intercession, and thanksgiving for everyone – for your leaders and all in authority – so we may lead a quiet and peaceable life of honesty and dignity. For this is good in the sight of God our Savior, Who wants everyone to be saved and come to know the truth.” Lord, even if we despise someone in a position of authority, You don’t! Your will is for everyone to know the truth about You and be saved. And, who needs saving more than detestable people? Give us Your prayers to pray, Lord, for our leaders at church, work, school, home, and country. Help us to intercede for those who don’t know You and desperately need You. To be honest, we don’t want to give thanks for unlikeable leaders! Yet we want to thank You for everything, and we choose to obey. Thank You, Most High God, for the people You have placed in authority over us. Help them to lead with dignity, honor, honesty, and a mind set on You. (c)2020, Mary Harwell Sayler , from book of Bi