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Praying for the media with Psalm 12

As you read Psalm 12, keep the media in mind and prayer. Perhaps our complaints about them and our prayers for them might help them to see the tremendous power they have for good, for healing, and for unity in this country and around the world. Help, LORD! Have godly people gone? Have the faithful disappeared from the human race? Who’s lying now? Slick speech and double-mindedness make it hard to tell. LORD, please put a stop to slick talk! Shut boastful mouths who have said, “We can say what we like! Who will stop us?” LORD, You know how poor people have been oppressed, and needy people from every race and culture groan. Help us to stand up for them! And, please, LORD, provide the help they’re gasping to get! Only Your promises have no self-serving motives. Your Word is like silver purified seven times. You, O LORD, will protect us from all ills. You will guard us from all jadedness, even while wickedness struts about, and people keep lifting up the e

Praying with Psalm 11

LORD, I choose to hide myself in You. Some might say, “Fly like a bird to the mountains to escape the bow and evil arrows ready to shoot in the dark the upright in heart. If our foundations collapse, then what could a good person do?” LORD, from Your holy temple – from Your holy throne in heaven, surely Your eyes see! Surely You lift Your eyelids to see how people are acting, LORD. You examine each action, but Your soul hates wicked ways and violence. Someday You’ll rain coals of fire on all evil and fill the cups of Your enemies with nothing but a scorching wind! You alone are righteous, LORD, and You love what’s done right. May decent, honest people see Your face everywhere. Psalm 11 prayer-a-phrased by Mary Harwell Sayler , using many of the translations found on Bible Gateway , ©2017. …

Praying with Psalm 10

LORD, why does it feel like You’re so far away? Why do I have trouble finding You in my troubles? I could go on and on about how wicked ways seem to prosper, and helpless people get crushed, but I know You know. … O LORD, arise! Lift Your hand to help! The wicked think You won’t, but I know You see and note wrongdoings. Take them in hand! Helpless ones commit themselves to You. Don’t leave us Fatherless! Break the hold of evil on us, and call us into account for anything not of You until You find nothing ill in us. LORD, be our King forever for people and nations perish without You. Hear our desires, O LORD. Strengthen our hearts. Incline Your ear to us and do justice to those who feel oppressed and Fatherless without You. Let no one on earth strike us with terror. prayer-a-phrased by Mary Harwell Sayler , © 2017 …