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Thank God for being with us!

Psalm 138: 1-3, 7-8 With all my heart, I give You thanks, O LORD. Before the heavenly beings, I sing Your praise. I bow down to You toward Your holy temple and give thanks to You for the love and truth in Your name – Your name, Your word above all! On the day I call, You answer me and increase the strength in my soul. Even if I find myself in the middle of trouble, You protect me from the anger of others. Your stretch out Your hand to me, and the rightness of Your hand delivers me. The Lord will fulfill His purposes for me, for Your steadfast love endures forever, O LORD, and You will not let go the work placed in Your hands. © 2015, Mary Harwell Sayler prayer-a-phrased today’s reading in Psalm 138 from many translations found on Bible Gateway. …

Praying through the ashes

A Bible prayer for Ash Wednesday to begin the church season of Lent Psalm 51:1-10 Be merciful to me, O God! In the greatness of Your mercy, wipe out my sins and wipe away the stains. I’m aware of my faults, and my rebellions against You haunts me! Against You – and You alone have I sinned. I’ve done wrong by You! So You’d be right to judge me. And You have every right to condemn me. I’ve gotten myself into trouble since birth. I’ve been inclined to be selfish ever since my conception! But You want me to get real. You desire me to look inward – with sincerity and truth – and find Your wisdom waiting for me there. Purge my sins, and I will be clean. Cleanse me, and I will be as fresh as new snow. Help me to hear the sounds of joy and gladness. Help me to be aware that my brokenness is healed. Hide my sins from Your face, and blot out all ill will in me. Create in me a pure heart, O God, and renew Your Spirit within me. © 2015, Mary Ha

God prays creation into being

The very first prayers in the Bible resound with God’s poetic prayers and “Amen!” Each “Let there be” begins an “Amen” to God’s prayers for us as our Heavenly Father and Creator God calls into being every living thing in the heavens and on the earth. This poem prayer-a-phrases the beginning of that beginning as shown in today’s Bible reading from Genesis 1: God’s Prayers for Creation Genesis 1:1-13 In the beginning, God…. In the beginning – Chaos! Darkness! A wasteland! A world unformed…. Then a mighty wind – Ruah – swept over the waters, the Spirit of God hovered over the waters, and God prayed: “Let there be light,” and the light answered God’s prayer, and it was good. So God separated the light from darkness. God separated the waters above and the waters below, and the dry land appeared at God’s calling, and it was good. Then God prayed: “Let the earth bring forth,” and the earth responded; the earth obeyed, and it was good. © 2015, Mary