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Bible prayer on Halloween

The Apostle Paul’s prayer for the church in Philippi extends to us in today’s Bible reading as a timely word of remembrance, encouragement, and blessings found in the power of our Lord Jesus Christ. May the grace and peace of God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ be with you all. Every time I remember you, I thank my God. Every day I pray for you with joy – from the first day until now – for your coming together in the Gospel gives confidence that the good work God began in you will come to completion in the day of Christ Jesus. It’s right to think this way as our hearts hold us together in the Grace of God, binding us and confining us to defend and confirm the Good News. For God is my witness that I long for you all from the very depths of Christ. And this is my prayer: That your love may grow and grow in knowledge and insight, so you may know what’s best and discern what’s of value, becoming genuine and guiltless each day in Christ as you'r

A call to prayer

Praise the LORD God! Call upon His Name. Make His acts known among the people. Tell everyone His Name is above all names. Sing of the LORD Who does glorious things, and let this be known in all the earth. Sing and shout for joy, all peoples of God, for great in our midst is the Holy One, the God of Israel. Isaiah 12:4-6 ©2014, Mary Harwell Sayler . This poem prayer-a-phrase of Isaiah 12:4-6 draws from the many translations found on Bible Gateway. …

A prayer request for God’s help

Isaiah 33:2 O LORD God, favor us with Your grace and mercy as we await You every morning. Be to us Your strength and Your salvation in times of trouble and distress. May God guide, protect, and empower our families, our country, the church Body of Christ, and all Christians throughout the world in Jesus’ Name. ©2014, Mary Harwell Sayler . This poem prayer-a-phrase of Isaiah 33 from today’s Reading Plan on Bible Gateway draws from several translations found on that site. …