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Soul prayer

Bless the LORD, O my soul!
May all that is within me
bless Your holy Name.

Bless the LORD, O my soul.
May I not forget
God’s benefits.

For the LORD
forgives all my sins
and heals all my infirmities.

God redeems my life from death
and covers me with mercy
and loving-kindness.

The LORD satisfies me
with good things
and renews my youth
like an eagle’s.

Bless the LORD, O my soul.
Bless the LORD.

©2013, Mary Harwell Sayler, prayer-a-phrase of my favorite Psalm 103 from today’s Daily Bible Readings

Praying with Jesus

Jesus taught us how to pray, saying:

When you’re praying, do not use meaningless phrases as others do when they think they’ll be heard because of their many words. Do not act like that for your Father knows what you need before you ask. Pray then like this:

Our Father in heaven, Holy is Your name.
May Your kingdom come and Your will be done
on earth as it is in heaven.
Give us this day our daily bread,
and forgive us for intruding on others
as we forgive those who intrude upon us.
And do not bring us into times of trial,
but rescue us from the evil one.
For You have the kingdom,
and You have the power,
and You are the glory forever. Amen.

If you forgive people for wronging you, our heavenly Father will also forgive you, but if you do not forgive their wrongs, how can things be right with you and our Father?

©2013, Mary Harwell Sayler, prayer-a-phrase of today’s Daily Bible Reading in Matthew 6:7-15

Note from Mary:

Most church denominations and most Christians know a traditional version…

Praying quietly

And Jesus taught us, saying:

Take care about practicing
before other people
to be seen by them
rather than being rewarded
by your Heavenly Father Who Is.

When you give to the poor,
don’t be like the hypocrites
who enter the sanctuary, sounding
their own horn in hopes
of getting people praise.

When you hold out your right hand
to give,
don’t let your left hand
even know what you’re doing
that your giving may be
kept secret from yourself,
so only your Father sees and knows.

And when you pray,
don’t be like the hypocrites,
who love to stand and pray
in the sanctuary and outside
on the street where everyone sees.
Truly, I tell you, they’ve received
their reward.

But when you pray, go
into your own room
and shut the door and pray
to your Father Who Is
in secret.
And your Father Who sees
in secret
will reward you.

©2013 Mary Harwell Sayler, prayer-a-phrase of today’s Daily Bible Reading in Matthew 6:1-6.

Praying for people

Pray for all people.
Ask God to help them.
Intercede on their behalf
and give thanks for them.

Pray, too, for leaders
and all authorities,
so we can lead our
quiet and peaceful lives
in godly dignity.

This pleases God –
our Savior, Who wants
everyone to be saved
and come to know
the truth: One God,
One Mediator between
God and mankind –
the man Christ
Jesus, Who gave Himself
to gain our freedom –
One Message God gave
at just the right time.

©2013, Mary Harwell Sayler, prayer-a-phrased from 1 Timothy 2:1-6 from today’s Daily Bible Reading


A prophet prays for life to return

Background: During a severe drought, the LORD told Elijah the prophet to seek food and shelter in the home of a poor widow and child. When Elijah found the woman, she was getting ready to prepare the last meal for herself and her only son, but the prophet told her to share her food with him first and she would have all she needed until the drought ended. Though fearful, the woman believed Elijah and did as he said. The handful of flour and small amount of oil continued to flow, keeping Elijah, the widow, and child alive. Some time later, however, the boy became ill and died.

And the woman said to Elijah,
‘Man of God, what have you done?
Did you come to remind me of my sin
by killing my son?’

‘Give me your son,” Elijah said,
then took the boy to a room upstairs
where he’d been staying
and laying the child on the bed,
he prayed: ‘LORD God,
this woman let me stay in her home!
Oh, why have you done
this terrible thing and caused her son
to die?’

Then stretching himself out on the boy

May the peace of the Lord be with us

The Apostle Paul wrote to the church in Philippi and beyond:

May the grace and peace of God our Father
and the Lord Jesus Christ be with you all.

Every time I remember you,
I thank my God.

Every day I pray for you with joy –
from the first day until now –
for your fellowship in the Gospel
gives confidence
that the good work
God began in you
will come to completion
in the day of Jesus Christ.

It’s right to think this way
as our hearts hold us together
in the Grace of God,
confining us to defend and confirm
the Gospel.

With God as my witness, I long for you
to have the compassion of Jesus Christ.

And this is my prayer:
That your love may abound more and more
with full knowledge and insight,
so you may know what’s best
and be sincere
without offending Christ –
filled with the fruit of righteousness
which comes to you through Jesus Christ
for the glory and praise of God.

© 2013, Mary Harwell Sayler, prayer-a-phrase of today’s Daily Bible Reading in Philippians 1:1-11