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The Bible calls us to pray

On all occasions
at all times
with all kinds of requests,
in the Spirit.

Keep alert!
Keep on praying and praying
for the people of God.

And pray also for me
that whenever I speak,
words may be given
as a message from God

bravely revealing
the mystery of the Gospel
to which I am bound to be
an ambassador.

© 2013, Mary Harwell Sayler, prayer-a-phrase of the Apostle Paul's letter to the Ephesians, chapter 6, verses 18-20


Bible prayer for the church forever

The Apostle Paul gave us this ongoing prayer in his letter to the Christians at Ephesus:

As I kneel before the Father
from Whom every family
in heaven and on earth
is named,

I pray
for the riches of God’s glory
to empower you with strength
in the Holy Spirit,

deep within your inner being
where Christ lives
in your hearts of faith
bound to His boundless love,

and I pray
for you – and all of the Family of God –
to comprehend how wide, how long,
how high and deep
is the love of Christ

and how incomprehensible
is the full measure of
God’s endless love
endlessly filling you.

Now to Him, Who is able
to do immeasurably more
than we imagine or ask
as His power works within us –

to Him be Glory
in the church Body of Christ
and the Family of God

for every generation,
forever and ever. Amen.

© 2013, Mary Harwell Sayler, prayer-a-phrase poem from Ephesians 3:14-20


God sees needs before we seek

When the poor and needy seek water,
and no water can be found,

and thirst clings like silence to the tongue,
I the LORD will response.

I the God of Israel will not forsake My people.

I will cause rivers to run on barren heights
and fountains to flow from low plains.

I will hand water to the wilderness
and springs of water to dry land.

I will bring forth cedar, acacia, myrtle,
and olive trees, and in the desert,

I will set cypress, plane trees, and pines,
so all may see and know,
consider and find
the hand of the LORD.

The Holy One of Israel

(the Creator God)
will still create.

© 2013, Mary Harwell Sayler, prayer-a-phrase poem from Isaiah 41:17-20

Jesus retreats in prayer

In Capernaum Jesus taught the people with authority then caused quite a stir when He cast a demon (or dark spirit) out of a man in the local synagogue!

That evening in the home of Simon Peter, Jesus cured Peter’s mother-in-law from a fever then soon found Himself surrounded by people who were bound by some kind of illness or ill spirit. The crowd grew so big that it seemed like the whole city had gathered around Peter’s door!

Jesus freed the people of all types of ills but, afterward, just needed some time to Himself – time away from the crowd and time alone with His Heavenly Father.

“Early in the morning while it was still dark, Jesus got up and went out into a deserted place, and there He prayed.”

When His followers finally found Him, Jesus was ready to continue His travels to the neighboring towns. With rest, solitude, and prayer to fortify Him and His healing work, Jesus went throughout Galilee, proclaiming the need for repentance and forgiveness and freeing people of every ill.

© …

Paul's prayer for us and the church

I (the Apostle Paul)
have heard of your faith in the Lord Jesus
and your love toward all who believe in Him,
and so I cannot stop myself
from giving thanks for you
every time I pray!

And, oh, how I pray
for God the Father of Glory
in our Lord Jesus Christ
to give you
the Spirit of Wisdom
and reveal to you
the knowledge you need
so your enlightened heart will know
and acknowledge
the hope to which you are called.

Oh, what riches God gives
to the people of God!

Oh, what vast and endless power
we have when we believe
in the work of God

for God put this power to work
in Christ
when God raised Him from the dead
and seated Him

as Truth

in heavenly places
far above all earthly laws

and above all rulers and authorities
and powers of every kind –

above every name –
not only now but in times to come.

For God has put all things under
the feet of Christ
and made Him the head
over all things of the church,
which is the Body of Christ,
full of God,
Who fills us all with all we need.

God is asking for you

and me and them….

And God said:

I was ready to be wanted
by those who did not ask for Me,
to be found by those who did not look for Me.

I said, "Here I Am! Here I Am,"
to a people who did not call on My name.

© 2013, Mary Sayler, prayer-a-phrase Isaiah 65:1


A parent prays for a child's healing

Background: Jesus came to Cana, the area in Galilee where He had previously attended a wedding and, at His mother’s request, changed water into wine. Meanwhile, in Capernaum the son of a royal official had neared the point of death when the father came to Jesus with this request, a prayer:

Lord, please be with my child
before he dies!

The Lord answered this prayer, saying the child would live, and the man believed Jesus. Obeying the Lord’s instructions to go home, the royal official met his servants along the way who told him the child had begun to recover – at the very hour Jesus had said, “Your son will live.”

©2013, Mary Sayler, prayer-a-phrase from John 4:46-54


Praying in Jesus’ Name

And Jesus taught His followers, saying:

I Am the vine,
you the branches.

As you abide in Me
and I reside in you,
your life becomes fruitful.

Without Me, this will not happen!
Instead you will be cast away
like yard clippings
that either wither
or fuel only a fire.

Abide in Me!
Live in Me,
and My words will live
in you.


you will draw on My words
to ask whatever you need,
and it shall happen!

Your fruitful lives
will glorify My Father
Who grafts you into Me
as My disciples.

God the Father loves Me,
and in the same Way of Love,
I love you.

Live in that love,
and whatever you ask
of love
in My Name,
God the Father will give.

Prayer-a-phrase of John 15:5-10, 16, © 2013, Mary Sayler


Praying to see our Heavenly Father

Philip prayed of Jesus:

LORD, show us the Father,
and we will be satisfied,
contented, fulfilled,

And The Way of the Father,
The Truth of the Father, The Life
of the Father replied:

I AM with you,
and you do not know?
You pray for Me to show
you the Father but can you not see?

I AM in the Father
and the Father in Me.

© 2013, Mary Harwell Sayler, prayer-a-phrase of John 14:6-10


New Year begins with God’s Blessing

The Daily Bible Reading starts the New Year with the prayer the Lord gave (and still gives!) leaders to pray over the people of God, blessing them and us with God’s shine.

The LORD spoke to Moses,

Speak to the leaders
and say,

Let this be the way
you bless My people, saying:

May the LORD bless you and keep you.

May the LORD cause His face
on you

to shine.

May the LORD be gracious
to you,

and lift you

into the image of God
and give you peace.


In this way, the leaders
may bless the people of God
with the Name of God,

and on each of them
the LORD’s own
“God bless” will rest.


© 2013, Mary Harwell Sayler, prayer-a-phrased poem from Numbers 6:22-27