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Praying for the glory of God

“Then Moses prayed, ‘Show me Your glory,’

“and the LORD replied:
‘I will bring My goodness before you,
and I will give you My Name, The LORD,
and I will
show grace and mercy
on whom grace and mercy will show,
but you cannot face Me fully now
(and still stand to live on earth.)

“And the LORD continued, ‘See!
Beside Me
you have a sure place
to stand,
and as My glory goes before you,
I will keep you safe
in the cleft of the rock,
and I will guard and shield you
with My hand.”

© 2012, Mary Harwell Sayler, Bible prayer-a-phrase, Exodus 33:18-22

The song of Mary, Mother of Jesus


My soul proclaims the greatness of the Lord!
My spirit rejoices in God my Savior!
God favored me, His lowly servant,
and from this day
all generations will call me

The Almighty has done great things for me,
and holy is His Name.

In every generation
God has mercy on those
who awe and honor Him.

With strength of arm that can be seen,
God scatters the pride of the proud.

From high places,
He casts down the mighty
and lifts the lowly
to new heights.

God fills with good things
those who hunger for Him
but sends away those
too filled with themselves
to know they are empty.

God comes to help His people!
He remembers well
the promise of mercy made
to our forefathers and foremothers –

to Abraham and the children
of God

©2012 Mary Harwell Sayler, prayer-a-phrase of Luke 1:46-55

Jesus’ word on the end times

Beloved, remember what our Lord
Jesus Christ told you about the end times
through His apostles?

Remember how you heard
that people will disregard God and yet
regard their own ungodly wants and worldly ways?

Lacking in God’s Spirit, those people will cause divisions,
but you, Beloved,
must build yourselves up
in most holy faith.

Pray in the Holy Spirit.

Uplift each other in the love of God.

Look forward to the mercy of our Lord Jesus Christ,
leading you into an endless life
with no end time

And now, have mercy on those who waver.
Save others by snatching them from fiery
(thoughts, acts, decisions!)

To others still, give mercy but with fear, despising
even the clothes their bodies harmed by harmful choices.

And pray

to Him who is able to keep you from falling –

The One who makes you stand strong
and flawless
in the presence of His glory –

The One Who rejoices over you –

to the only God our Savior
through Jesus Christ our Lord.

Give glory
to the majesty of God,

When praise is a sacrifice

Hebrews 13:15 speaks of a “sacrifice of praise,” and on this sad day following the tragic shooting at an elementary school in Connecticut, the phrase seems especially significant as does this Psalm of faith in the readings for today.

Psalm 30

O LORD, I lift Your Name in praise
as You have lifted me away
from those intent on hurting.

O LORD our God, I cry to You:
Restore my well-being!

I feel as though I’m dead today,
but LORD, You will restore
my life from this lifelessness.

Let’s sing to the LORD,
every one of us who is His servant.
Let’s give thanks for the holiness of God.

Even when anger flashes all around,
God loves each child beyond each lifetime.

Yes, we have spent the night weeping,
but in the morning, joy just might be found.

Once I thought nothing could ever hurt me again.
I said, "I won’t be disturbed. God favors me
with the strength of a mountain.”

But then You hid Your face!
And fear filled me.

I cried out to you, O LORD,
and said, “What good is it
if good…

Praying for God’s help

Psalm 31

O LORD, in You I run for shelter.
Let me not be put to shame.
Deliver me In Your righteousness.

Fold Yourself around me,
and quickly rescue me.

Be my strong rock!
Be the stronghold that saves me
for You are my fort and fortification.
For the sake of Your Name, You lead and guide me.
You pull me from unknown traps.
You are my strength!

Into Your hand I commit my spirit.

And You, O LORD God of Truth, have brought me back!

Others may trust in worthless ideals and obsessions,
but LORD, I trust in You.

I rejoice in the kindness of Your love
and am glad, just knowing
You understand my complaint.
You understand the troubles of my soul!

You did not hand me over
into hurtful hands
but handed me a place
with ample room to stretch and grow.

Even in my distress, I can see
how gracious You are, O LORD!

My eyes closed down with grief,
my soul and my body also.
For years, sorrow upon sorrow
spent my life with sighs.

My strength failed in wrongdoings,
and my body wasted away.
I became a…

Apostle Paul prays on and onto us

How can we thank God enough for you?
What joy we have before God
because of you!

Night and day
we pray and pray
to see your face and your faith

not lacking.

Oh, may our God and Father guide us
back to you.

And may the LORD cause your love
to increase and prosper
for each other and for all!

Oh, how our love abounds for you!

May God strengthen your very hearts
in holiness
and keep you unfettered and free
in the Holy Spirit,kept

blameless before our God and Father
when our LORD Jesus Christ comes
with all the saints

in whose sure company
you surely belong.

© 2012, 1 Thessalonians 3:9-13 prayer-a-phrase by Mary Sayler